Adding a Configurable Product

To Create Product Configurations 

Note you will need to first add a simple product as per the steps in Adding a Simple Product


To create configurable product, click the "Create Configurations" button;

mceclip0.pngSelect Attributes: Select the attribute relevant to your product. 


Select Attribute Values: Select the attribute value relevant to your product. 


Images: You are able to upload a single image or a set of images to all SKUs or unique images by attribute.

Price: You are able to upload a single price all SKUs or unique price by attribute.

Generate Products: Once you have selected the attribute values click generate products to create the product variants. You will then be able to assign quantity units to the variants.   


Configurations Table

Once your confirgurable products have been loaded, a table will be created on your dashboard for each specific product. Edit the table to make sure ALL simple products have a name, sku, price and quantity.


* If a simple product does not have a price or quantity attached, the product will show as 'out of stock'.


How to edit the table

1. Scroll down on the product page to 'Edit Table', which will appear under Edit Configurations. Screen_Shot_2021-09-01_at_3.28.36_pm.png

2. The following table will appear:


3. Fill out each box for each product.

4. Once this has been completed, click 'SAVE' at the top right corner of the page. 


Please note you are not currently able to add your own customer attributed and attribute values when manually uploading a product. You will need to use the available Buy Aussie Now attributes or upload each variant as an individual product.





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