Promotional Pricing


Adding promotional pricing to your products on Buy Aussie is easy, but the process differs depending on if the product was uploaded manually or via Cresco API.


Manually Added Product

To add promotion Pricing on a product that was manually, click on Products > My Products in the Dashboard Menu and the edit button on the product you'd like to update.


Add the promotion or discount price to the "Special Price" field and type in the dates that the promotional price will be available from and to. 


Once the "Special Price To" date has passed the Product price will revert back to the full price. 


Cresco/API Added Product


Any changes to pricing for products uploaded via Cresco must be made in your Shopify account. If changes are made direct in your Buy Aussie Now account these will be overwritten!


At this time, only strikethrough promotional pricing is available, we will have more promotional features in the future. 

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