Why Was My Product Not Approved?

There are several reasons your product may not have been approved;


  • No image has been included - this could be because the image has not loaded properly. Please try again. 
  • Text over the image 
  • Image appears too small 
  • Unclear Image
  • Inappropriate images 
  • Image is too small and does not fill the margins


  • Includes external links
  • Includes inappropriate language 
  • Includes direct contact details 


  • Not Australian-made - all products listed on Buy Aussie Now must be manufactured in Australia. 
  • Custom product - the Buy Aussie Now marketplace does not yet support custom products. 
  • Subscription products - the Buy Aussie Now marketplace does not yet support subscription products. 
  • Offering a service - Buy Aussie Now is currently for products only. 


  • Not the relevant category - please check that your product is listed under the correct category.  


  • Buy Aussie Now will not be selling alcohol in the initial launch. 


  • The product does not have a price listed.




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