Connecting Your Shopify Store

Setting up a Shopify Private API

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Before adding the Shopify application within your Buy Aussie Now seller centre please ensure you;

  • Login to your Shopify Admin.
  • Click on “Apps” from your left navigation.
  • Scroll right to the bottom and click “Manage private apps” (If you have not enabled private apps you will first need to do so)
  • Click “Create private app”
  • Under “Private app name” enter it as “Buy Aussie Now”.
  • Under “Permissions” provide “Read” access to:
    • Products
    • Inventory
  • Click “save” at the bottom.
  • Here you will need to provide the below information at a later date:
    • API Key
    • Password

Adding Shopify application

To add the Cresco Data Buy Aussie Now Shopify application;

Please ensure you have completed the above steps before proceeding with the below:

  • Login into Buy Aussie Now merchant portal.
  • Click on “Products” from the left navigation.
  • Click on “Cresco Shopify Connector” from the sub-left navigation.
  • Change the “Enable Shopify Connector” from “Disabled” to “Enabled”
  • Click “Save”.

How to use the CrescoData Management Portal

Upon enabling the Shopify application in the Buy Aussie Now merchant portal, you will receive an email that will provide you with a password to login to

Buy Aussie Now Category Tagging

The steps required to tag the right Buy Aussie Now category to each Shopify product that you want published to Buy Aussie Now.

Please follow the below steps for all products you want to sell on Buy Aussie Now. If there is no tag applied, then it will not be sent to Buy Aussie Now.

  • Upon logging into click on “Categories” from the left navigation.
  • If you want to link a product to one of the categories, use the “Shopify Tag” in the first column and apply it to the relevant product(s)


  • Please review the options below on how you can tag your Shopify products in bulk (Bulk Action, CSV Update):


Once you have completed the Shopify tagging, follow the steps below to publish your products and stock to Buy Aussie Now. If you have tagged a product that is marked as "hidden" in Shopify, this data will be imported to your Buy Aussie Now account but the product will have a disabled status. 

Please note all products in Shopify must have a UNIQUE SKU assigned to them, including all variants of a configurable product.


Please fill out the below details in order to start the syncing of products for mapping.

  • API Key - Private app API Key created in Shopify.
  • Password - Private app Password created in Shopify.

URL - Your URL i.e.



Upon clicking “Save” we will try and authenticate your Shopify details. If the details are incorrect you will see a red bar with the text “Invalid credentials provided”.

However if there is a success message, this will mean we will start downloading products tagged to a Buy Aussie Now category.

This process can take up to 30 minutes, so would come back to complete the remaining steps after this time.

Checking products not tagged

If you want to check products which have not been tagged in Shopify, follow the below steps:

  • Go to “Product Sync” from the left navigation.
  • Click on the “Filter” dropdown and select “Source Category ID”
  • Select “Exists” - “No”.

Attribute Mapping

After 30 minutes, click on “Product Sync” from the left navigation.

This will take you to an “Imports” tab which will show all the products downloaded from Shopify.

Click on the “Mappings” tab to map the Buy Aussie Now attributes.

  • Click on the  Attributes” sub tab.
  • Here you will have a dropdown of all “Attribute Sets” mapped.
  • Select the first “Attribute Set” from the dropdown.


  • You will have two dropdown options:
    • Source Attributes - Attributes we have mapped from Shopify.
    • Channel Attributes - Buy Aussie Now specific attributes available.


  • Select one of the above “Source attributes” from the dropdown.
  • Click on the “Channel Attributes” dropdown to see which one is most appropriate.
  • Once a “Source attribute” and “Channel Attribute” is selected, click “Map”.

Mapping Shopify Variants to Buy Aussie Now Variants

  • Once mapped, this will list all the Shopify variants for all products under this “Attribute Set” on the left hand side
  • On the right hand side will be a dropdown of all available variants in Buy Aussie Now.
  • For every Shopify variant, map to the most appropriate Buy Aussie Now variant.



  • NOTE - If you cannot map all Shopify variants to Buy Aussie Now variants, then leave these variants unmapped and proceed on to publishing.

Publishing to Buy Aussie Now

Once you have completed the mapping above for all attribute sets, follow the below steps to publish products to Buy Aussie Now.

  • Click on the “Preview & approve” sub tab
  • Click “Approve & Publish”
  • This will trigger products to be published to Buy Aussie Now.

NOTE - Any new products have to follow the above process and will only get published to Buy Aussie Now upon clicking the “Approve & Publish” button.

Error Reporting

Here you will be able to review if there were any issues with your products when trying to publish to Buy Aussie Now.

  • Click on the “Product Sync” link from the left navigation.
  • Click on the “Diagnostics” tab.
  • Click on how of the response groups.
  • Here you will see what products failed and the reason why.
  • Resolve this error by either updating the mapping or Shopify.
  • The product will republish and review to ensure the error has been resolved.


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