FAQ: Managing Your Shop & Inventory



How do I manage my inventory? 

As a seller you edit the available inventory by logging into your store, click on My Product List, open the product you want to edit and amend the inventory amount.


For those businesses that have utilised Shopify integration, one way inventory management is automated, meaning that stock updates made in Shopify will be automatically pushed through to Buy Aussie Now.


How do I manage my Shop Profile?

Businesses can manage their business details, inventory and orders through their shop profile. 


How will I be alerted when a sale is made? 

You will be notified via email and through your shop profile of new orders. 


Who will manage the customers?

All contact between sellers and customers will be managed through Buy Aussie Now. Our customer support team will be the point of contact and will assist with any enquiries.  


How will I receive my payment?

The transaction will occur through Buy Aussie Now and the payment will be held in escrow, initially for 14 days, to confirm the products are sent and received by the customer. Businesses will need to update the order status through the platform to confirm this.  Assuming the order has been fulfilled correctly, the payment will then be sent through to a nominated account (less the Buy Aussie Now fees) per transaction. 

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