FAQ: Setting Up My Shop Profile



Can I register if I'm a service? 

Currently, Buy Aussie Now is a marketplace for product retailers and not service businesses, however we hope to expand our offering in the future.


What email address should be used for shop profile set up?

The email address used as your login should be your most accessible email address that is frequently checked as this will be the main point of contract.


What should my URL be when setting up? 

To proceed past this step, your URL must be unique.  If you cannot proceed past this step, this is because your URL name already exists.  Please use your business name as it is unlikely that another business will share the exact same name.  Please ensure this URL does not contain "www" or"com.au"


Will all products need to be uploaded individually to shop profiles?

There will be 2 options available; 

  1. Manual upload, 
  2. Shopify integration.  

Buy Aussie Now has a full integration with Shopify so products are automatically uploaded. There will be an option to hide certain products if you only wish to list a select range. However, if you don’t use shopify you will be required to individually upload your products.


What other e-commerce integrations are available?

At launch, Shopify will be the only e-commerce integration available but we are looking to expand this in the near future.


Can you begin the setup process and then go back and edit before you submit?

When you begin setting up your shop profile you must fill in all fields and submit in order to save your shop profile.  Once your shop profile is complete you will be able to go back in and make any changes.


What if I sell custom products?

The Buy Aussie Now marketplace will launch with only ready to sell products. We aim to enable sales of customised products in the near future. 


Do you allow external links in product descriptions? 

You will not be able to include external links in your product descriptions.  If links are found to have been added in product description, they will be removed. 


Is the phone number public facing or for the back end?  

Your phone number entered during the set up of your shop profile will not be visible for customers.  This will only be used as part of the back end as customers will not have direct contact with businesses. All communication is made through Buy Aussie Now.


Do we need a VAT/TAX number? 

This is not a required field to set up your shop profile with Buy Aussie Now. 


What if my business doesn’t have an ABN?

An ABN is not compulsory to list on Buy Aussie Now.  However, if you do have an ABN please do ensure you complete the appropriate section. 


What if you're not registered for GST?

If your business is not registered for GST you will just need to put $0.00 in this field. 



Do you have any photo guidelines? 

In regards to images of your individual products, we recommend a sizing of 700x700


What are meta keywords?

Meta keywords are the key search terms when entered by shoppers that will bring up your products.



What if I cannot find the appropriate category or attribute set for my product?

For now, the marketplace will launch with 8 main categories and will have an extensive range of attributes sets to ensure that products can be classified into various subcategories.  If your products do not fit, keep an eye out as we hope to expand our offering in the future!


Is there a minimum or maximum number of products that can be uploaded?

Businesses are able to upload as little or as many products as they would like. The more products the better as this will bring further attraction to your shop profile.


What payment methods will Buy Aussie Now have? 

Standard credit card payment options will be available.


Will you be offering After Pay and Zip Pay? 

Buy Aussie Now will not be offering Afterpay/ Zip Pay in the first version of our marketplace.


Can we use our own payment provider to avoid the payment processing fee? 

No, businesses must use the payment options that Buy Aussie Now provides.  You will not incur any additional payment fees on top of the 3% + 0.30. 

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