Loading Products Manually

Manually uploading products onto your Store Profile

Follow the steps below, or watch the videos, to list your products.

Click Add Product in the Left Hand Navigation


Select Product Category

Select the category that best suits your products.

  • You must select last categories level
    • YES: Mens > Clothing > Shirts > T-Shirts
    • NO: Mens > Clothing
  • Your products will automatically appear in corresponding higher level categories up the chain


You can choose between Simple and Configurable Products.

Simple Products

Simple Product is a basic product, with no options for the customer to choose (for instance if you are selling a t-shirt, there is only one size and color) and one price.

Configurable Products

Configurable Products are simple products with options for the customer. For instance, if you wanted to sell the same t-shirt in multiple colors and sizes without having your customer have to look through multiple Simple products for each color and size, you can create a configurable product that has multiple size and color options for your customer to choose.


Enter Product Details

Product Name: The name of your product.

Description: All the important information that customers would want to know about your product.

Short Description: A brief description of your product, max 160 characters.

Price: The price of your product.

Special Price: The sale/discounted price of your product, if this is not applicable please leave blank. You are also able to set the dates that the discounted product will be shown from/to.

Stock: Number of units

Stock Availability: In stock

SKU: This is the unique identified you use for inventory and other purposes. All products MUST have a unique sku. When entering your sku, please ensure that the sku is available before selecting next. 

Weight: Your best guess about the weight of your product (excluding packaging).

URL Key: This will automatically generate based on the name of the product, this can be used if you would like the product URL to differ from the product name.

Meta Title: How your product will appear in search engines.

Meta Keywords: Although some search engines ignore meta keywords, others continue to use them. The current best practice is to incorporate high-value keywords in the meta title and meta description.


Meta Description: Meta descriptions provide a brief overview of the product page for search results listings. Ideally, a meta description should be between 150-160 characters in length. This should describe the tangible benefit of your product.

Allowed product Qty: The maximum number of products you will allow a single person to purchase.

Product Images: Ideally, product images should be 700x700. 

Product Attributes: There are optional Attribute options related to the Attribute Set you choose. For example Women's Shoe Size is an option of the Attribute Set Women's Shoes.

These attributes are important because they provide the information to allow shoppers to search by filter.

The fields are optional which means you only need to update the Attributes that are relevant to your product.

Once the product information is entered please CLICK SAVE

To Create Product Configurations

To create configurable product, click the "Create Configurations" button;

mceclip0.pngSelect Attributes: Select the attribute relevant to your product. 


Select Attribute Values: Select the attribute value relevant to your product. 


Images: You are able to upload a single image or a set of images to all SKUs or unique images by attribute.

Price: You are able to upload a single price all SKUs or unique price by attribute.

Generate Products: Once you have selected the attribute values click generate products to create the product variants. You will then be able to assign quantity units to the variants.   


Setting Base Image

Once you have uploaded your products and product images, you will be required to set an image as the 'Base Image'. The Base Image will appear as the main image when shoppers are viewing your products, and when searching in the search field for your images.


To set your Base Image, select the following:

1. Go to your dashboard.

2. Open and edit the product you are wanting to add the base image for.

3. Scroll down to your product images and click on the one you would like to select as your base image.

4. Tick ALL 3 of the following boxes for the 1 product: Base, Small and Thumbnail.



5. Once the 3 boxes have been ticked, get out of the box and click SAVE in the top right corner of your product page. 


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