Welcome to Buy Aussie Now! 

We're thrilled that you have chosen to get behind the Aussie-made revolution. You are playing an important role in the marketplace that's set to change the way Australians shop online.

Below is a guide to the steps you'll need to follow to set up your seller profile and upload your products. 


Step 1: Create Your Account

The first step to selling on Buy Aussie Now is meeting the Buy Aussie Now eligibility requirements and creating your account. Once your account has been created you will receive an email from Buy Aussie Now!

Step 2: Complete Your Seller Profile

The next step is to complete your seller profile details.

Step 3: Upload Your Products

There are two options for product uploaded. This includes manually upload or via Shopify Connector.

Step 4: Products Approval

Once your products have been uploaded, they will appear as 'Pending'.  The Buy Aussie Now team will approve your products and you will be notified via email once they have been approved and are live on the Marketplace.


What if you need help

We are here to help you! You can get help by:



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