FAQ: Shipping & Returns



Who ships the products to customers?

Each business will manage their own shipping and be responsible for shipping products to customers. 


What is the return policy?

Businesses will set their own return policies. There is no default or set policy.  


Are businesses expected to include international shipping? 

Businesses are required to ship Australia wide only and not internationally.


What if I can only ship to certain regions but it is still within Australia?

For launch, registered businesses are required to have the capacity to ship Australia wide; being to all States and regions of Australia.  There will be an option to ship only to certain States at a later stage.


What are all the shipping options?

Shipping can be configured on a flat rate, flat rate per item, or weight based rate


How do we select free shipping?

For free shipping, please set the shipping cost as $0.00. A free shipping threshold is also available. 










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