FAQ: Eligibility Requirements for Sellers


What is defined as ‘Aussie made and owned’

In compliance with the Australian Consumer Law, Aussie goods are required to be made, manufactured or otherwise originated in Australia.  We understand that a small percentage of ingredients that cannot be found in Australia may be imported from overseas, however is it a strict requirement that the product is manufactured, meaning put together in Australia. 


What if some ingredients are imported? 

In some cases, it is acceptable if some of your products’ materials or ingredients are sourced from overseas, for example, if those ingredients cannot be found in Australia. As long as the manufacturing and transformation process occurs in Australia this is OK. 


Can I register my business if I sell both Australian and non-Australian made products?

Yes, you can register.  However, you can only list your Australian made products (not those products made overseas).  If you are loading your products onto the Buy Aussie Now marketplace using Shopify integration, there will be an option to hide certain products if they do not qualify as Australian made. 


Can I register if my business is Australian owned but not Australian made? 

Buy Aussie Now is a platform strictly for Australian made businesses. 


Can I register if I am a stockist not a manufacturer?

No, businesses can only register if they manufacture the products themselves in Australia. 


What if my product is made in Australia but the packaging is made overseas?

That’s OK as the manufacturing of the goods is here.


Do products have to be 100% Aussie-made or is there a percentage?

Products must be Australian made – 100% - but it's ok for some ingredients not to be. The manufacturing must take place here.

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